Homemade Meeseeks Box
3 months ago | Blogs | by: Ryan Gill

A gadget capable of causing helpful beings named "Mr. Meeseeks" to materialize each time its button is pushed. I picked up a bunch of these Google AIY Voice Kits for $5 from MicroCenter and decided it was time for a Meeseeks Box.


I designed the box in Fusion360 where each side of the box would be a separate part. This way each side can be printed flat on the bed. I printed 4 sides and a top and then painted them with acrylic paint.

I went through the Google Voice Kits until I found one with a blue arcade button so it would match the color from the show.

I crawled the episode `Meeseeks and Destroy` pulling out a bunch of clips of Mr. Meeseeks and stuck those in a folder. I then wrote a small Node.js app to play a random clip each time the button is pushed.

There really isn't a schematic for this project, as it uses the Google Voice HAT and the built in plugs for the speaker and arcade button.

Follow the official docs here under `Assemble The Hardware`. https://aiyprojects.withgoogle.com/voice-v1/

You just need to wire up the speaker and the arcade button. 

You will need to download Node.js and the repo containing all the code for this project and the audio clips.

Repo here.

3 months ago | Blogs | by: Ryan Gill

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