DIY Arduino Robot Arm – Controlled by Hand Gestures

Introducing MARK 1, the programmable Arduino Robot Arm. But, that's not all, this Robot Arm can be controlled by Hand Gestures. Here's How..

12 hours ago | by: Eben Kouao
ATmega32U4-Based Synchronous MPPT Buck Solar Charger

You want to maximize the power output of your solar panel? Then you need a maximum power point tracking charge controller!

11 days ago | by: TheDIYGuy999
DIY RGB Tube Lights

DIY RGB Tube light is a multi functional tube light which can be used in photography, light painting photography, film making, gaming, as a VU meter and more. The tube light can be controlled by Prismatik  software or by a push button. These tub lights are made using a Arduino Nano and WS2812B LED strip.

15 days ago | by: Mukesh Sankhla
Bluetooth Smart Watch Arduino

This is a DIY Arduino smart watch, works on Bluetooth connectivity and is chargeable - tested for 6 Hours performance on one charge.

18 days ago | by: archit borkar

While the SSD1306 OLED has somewhat become the go-to display for up-to-date projects, the good old character displays with their Hitachi HD44780 controller don’t seem to be disappearing just yet either. And why would they, especially if you want to show just text, having a built-in font has certainly its perk compared to worrying about integrating your own characters

21 days ago | by: oldmaninSC
A Very Interesting Radio Signal was Just Detected Coming from Proxima Centauri

There’s a powerful scene in the movie “Contact” (one of my favs) where lead character Ellie Arroway is sitting among an array of telescopes and hears the first alien signal – an ominous pulse – received by humanity. She races back to the control center where the array is pointed off target and then back to verify the signal. Contact is made. Shortly after, a message is found in the signal and we’ve confirmed the existence of alien life!

23 days ago | by: MATTHEW CIMONE
NASA control panel lights up kids’ imaginations

As a gift for his sister-in-law who runs a daycare, “r570sv” built a NASA-inspired control panel for the kids there to use. She had enjoyed seeing an earlier – and perhaps less kid-friendly – version that he made, so this would seem to be a great Christmas present.

26 days ago | by: ARDUINO TEAM
Breadboard Wristwatch

A fun project making a geeky wristwatch, using the QDSP-6064 bubble LED display. Here's a fun project making a geeky wristwatch, using the QDSP-6064 bubble LED display. The clock components are plugged in to a "breadboard". These type of boards are usually used for prototyping electronic circuits. 

28 days ago | by: Inge
Pirate GlitterBomb Is the Best Yet

There are few things in this world more infuriating then a porch pirate stealing a package from your doorstep. That’s especially true around the holidays, when that package likely contains a gift for a loved one that you won’t be able to reorder in time for your family gift exchange. 

30 days ago | by: Cameron Coward
Quadruped with Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense

How about a Spider who obeys the order to sit, dances when he sees a light and dodges obstacles? All this with the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense.

2 months ago | by: SandroMesquita
30 FPS Video on SSD1106 OLED Display

I wondered if the SSD1106 can be used for more than text & simple graphics. After a bit of overclocking I managed to stream video at 30 FPS.

2 months ago | by: saadsaif0333

Microwave oven design and manufacturing have been optimized to the point where the once-expensive appliances are now nearly disposable. Despite the economics, though, some people can’t resist fixing stuff, especially when you get a chance to do it in style. Thus we present this microwave repair with its wholly unnecessary yet fabulous adornments.

2 months ago | by: Dan Maloney

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