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I did the project as explained on the website and in the video and it worked perfectly but:
1 - The initial value starts from 1003, have any problems?
2 - The transmitter and receiver are still with the test code, but the range is no more than 10 meters ... could you help me?

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2 Answers

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1. Tchange that range in the receiving code when you map the received values from 0-254 to 1000-2000 and solve the problem.

2. Are you using power amplified antenna for the transmitter? Also, if you are using the PCB antenna, you could solder a small copper wire like this: https://cdn.instructables.com/FAK/6SB5/ID7US7VX/FAK6SB5ID7US7VX.LARGE.jpg Also, you should use small wires for the SPI communications for less noise.
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i think u connect antenna with some aluminium foil or aluminium pipe.
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