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I've made sure that nrf(3.43V) and arduino(4.78V) of transmitter are fed proper voltages as indicated in brackets.[ i checked them by multimeter].these voltages are maybe a slightly less or more than required but isn't them approximately the same and just like 3.3 and 5V....and they wont make any trouble ...right?.. ,but still values dosn't change in serial monitor...i  replaced the old nrf by new one...thinking old one has burned,,,but still in vain...I've attached the pictures of what i have made..please help me out by giving me the possible causes..and remedies....

(power module is only to give 3.3 v to nrf and 5v to arduino..i tried to achieve this by voltage regulator like you did..but it unfortunately burned the nrf.).

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3 Answers

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I see 3(!) kinds of power supplies on the transmitter and som crappy soldering. To be able to diagnose, attach the schematics and the code for both receiver and transmitter.
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Hey try to add a capacitor on nrf small value for me it worked.
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Something is wrong but we don't know what is taht yet. Make sure there are no short circuits. The fact that the NEF burned out at 3.3 is strange. Also check that the CSN and CE pins in the code are the sam taht you have soldered, usually pins 9 and 10. Then, ty using short wires for thr receiver betwenn Arduino and NRF24. SPI communication might have a lot of noise with long wires!

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