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My Arduino Multiwii Quadcopter motor spin in multiwiiGUI irregularly - Electronoobs Q&A

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when I arm my quadcopter . in multiwiiGUI. the rear _left motor speed increase automatically. front_left is decreasing. the motor is not stable .in GUI. I haven't connected ESC and motors .. how to solve this .. please help me. how I stable all motors in GUI view so then I can fly.
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CAlibrate the accelerometer in Multiwii platform. Also without ESCs conected, for example, the drone will send data to the motors to move to the left but there are no motors to move the drone, and it will send even motre left moving data and the error get's bigger and bigger.

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thank you very much Sir
Do I need an immediate liftoff after arming ??? i think if i delay then motor will diffent speed on helipad then it will flip if i throttle up then ..