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Which stepper driver should I use?

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I have a stepper motor that I got from an old Brother Multifunction printer. This is the serial number: PM35S-F48-BKC5. This is what I found out about the motor:

voltage: 24 

current: 500 mA

7.8 degrees per step

steps per revolution: 48

What stepper driver do you reccomend I use with this motor?

Here is a link to a photo: https://goo.gl/images/6CoUny

asked Apr 22 by omargrant (220 points)

1 Answer

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The stepper motor is a Bipolar stepper motor from what I can find. The A4988 is a very commonly used and cheap stepper driver, usually found in 3d printers and the like. You can do full steps, half steps etc. with that chip  ($0.80 shipped on aliexpress). You could also make/buy a dual H-bridge, like the L298N ($1.62).

- Ronald
answered Apr 22 by Ronald (540 points)