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Is it possible to combine:

AC 110V/220V to DC 5V 2A 10W Switching Mode Power Supply Board AC-DC Power Adapter Module 5V2A


DC-DC Buck Converter 4-38V Step-down Voltage Regulator Module Adjustable Current 5A Max 75W High Power Volt Power Supply Transformer Board with Constant Current & Voltage ?

I want to make a wall appliance battery powered but I also want have a power cord to charge the batteries even while in use.

Is this even possible?
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1 Answer

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Hello, Slushyfoot06.

I'm not sure I understand very well what you try to do.

If you have an AC to DC converter, you must ensure it can provide both the voltage and current required by the second converter (DC to DC I understand) in order to supply proper power to load.

It would be nice if you could provide some kind of schematic to better understand.

Best regards, Raff.
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