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can i use 0.5 to 4.5 kilo ohm joystick to build brushed arduino drone - Electronoobs Q&A

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can i use 0.5 to 4.5 kilo ohm joystick to build brushed arduino drone ?

Plss answer my other question also: is there any equivalent for si2302 mosfet transistor ??
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1 Answer

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as per my xp i would recommend a higher value as the potentiometers may have dead points in such cases you may loose control due to lack of resolution, though it doesnt matter how much value you use you will always get 256 bit resolution as arduino have 8 bit analogue read but using larger value will ensure that the resolution have much space in between so go for a higher value if possible.

the mosfet you mentioned is a smd but has only 1.25 w heat decepation mind that and you cant mount any heat sink except the pcb (if not a commercial  made you may burn it ), by the way 4 of   z44(s) will not overload your quad much but its safe from the possible hazards ..if you want smds any way chk it out...

wishing you luck.....
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