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How can i measure unknown resistance of two or more value using analog input of arduino uno. - Electronoobs Q&A

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Can you please help me on how can I be able to measure two or more different resistance using arduino uno and display it on i2c lcd and loop simultaneously on different value. My range would be 1k ,10k and so on.

Appriciate your help,

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if its  a fun project then ok but if u want real values then use a multimeter as the values will fluctuate upon the condition of breadboard connections and loose connections..

anyway best way to measure resistance with arduino to use a voltage divider which is using a known resistance to figure out the unknown measuring the difference in voltage...

before you start chk for the arduino 5v out using a multimeter that how much that exactly provides because depending on the voltage regulators quality and the wear and tear that may drop..

chk here for better understanding.....

wishing you luck..
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