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How Can I Customize ESP8266's YouTube Counter Code? - Electronoobs Q&A

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I loved your proposal of the YouTube counter video and decided to start a slightly different project.  I've gotten the D1 mini board with the ESP8266 and 50 micro stepper motors (   The idea is to use 49 of the steppers to drive a mechanical 7 segment display to show my sub count.  The issue is I'm pretty new to arduino coding, entirely new to the ESP8266, and I'm having trouble trying to find How To videos that'll help me step in the right direction.  Any tips and sources I could use to customise/understand the code you've provided?  Thanks!

-Legal Planet

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I recommend a video by on youtube. I recommend that you even check out other esp8266 videos on his channel. I recommend you check out the video by GreatScott as well.

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