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how the moteur brushless will read the valeus of joystick (arduino code Transmiter, receive and flight control)

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Hi I hope that you're well
My name is Amazigh I am from Algeria and I am a graduate student at the University of Technology in Algeria.
I am currently working on a quad drone but I find some difficulties on the code part on arduino (transmitter, receiver and flight control), for your information I use arduino and models nrf24l01 + and mpu6050.
I saw your videos are very good but what I did not understand is how the moteur brushless  will read the values ​​of joystick
 saved me pleaise
I thank you very much for your help and help me pleaise .
asked Mar 8 by amazgh (130 points)

1 Answer

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The transmitter code reads and sends the joysticks values using NRF24. You receive the values in the receiver code and create the PID with those values and write a PWM for the ESCs of the motor using interruptions.

Keep up!
answered Mar 8 by ELECTRONOOBS (17,520 points)
Thank you really thank you for your answer but my problem I am a beginner I did not know how to make the signal pwm for esc and interruption but I know conicter between nrf24l01 transmitter and receiver, so pleaise save me again, give me clues on the code pleaise save me
I thank you here directly from Algeria and I am sorry for the inconvenience thank you