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Arduino via hx711 to app inventor 2

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I've watched your tutorial on bluetoothing a signal to app inventor 2 and then plotting the result. However I'm using a load cell amplifier HX711 not a potentiometer. It won't plot the signal as the arduino code uses Serial.Print which I think is sending a list of values not a single value. If I try to use the Serial.Write command the arduino code throws an error. Any ideas as I'm stuck!
asked Mar 4 in Arduino by mattmanning (130 points)
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What error do you have? Using .write you will send bytes not characters like letters or numbers.
answered Mar 4 by ELECTRONOOBS (15,050 points)
In app Inventor in just keeps plotting the same five values 13,10,46,48,51. In the first Bluetooth tutorial I get a reading that changes when I increase the load on the load cell,but in the plotting tutorial the numbers won't change. Strangely enough in the Arduino plotter I get a lovely graph but not in app Inventor!
Hi I am trying to get data from a hx711 amplifier via a arduino bluetoothed to app inventor. The hx711 is a digital amplifier and sends the signal using the serial.print function.
I think this is sending the data as an ascii value. app inventor will display the data in a text box but when I try to use the drawline
component it crashes. Would I be best changing the arduino code so I can use the serial write function or should I convert the data in app inventor into something I can use with drawline?