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I am extremely greatful to the Author and the community for such a good and active presence, the arduino flight controller showed in the channel is powering brusless escs , due to my tight budget and unavailability of appropriate materials i was thinking if the drone be controlled of brushed motors alone...i haven't yet conducted any practical experiment but i could assume that PWM pulses from the flight controller board is may not be the same to controlling Fet(s) , i think i will require pwm duty cycle (dont know correctly but thats the only way i can make you relate to that thing)

To control the brushed motors.. i have recently made some research in building a brushed esc but

1.those are using servo controls ..i cant understand why because i wont need H bridges any way, also o dont have servos to salvage

2. Using PIC...that thing is really overkill idont need brakes and those stuffs plus the pic programmer costs a lot (assuming it works with universal programmer) and thats a really high-level stuff programming in assembly language

So if there is any way to do my desired thing please let me know.

Thank you.
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Hi there.

First of all for a drone the motors will always spin in just one direction so no H bridge is needed (H bridge is for two direction rotations). Just one mosfet for each motor, I recommend the SI2302. Add a powerfull msofet for each motor with a schottky diode for backaward voltage for each motor connector and control it with PWM signal from the arduino. That should work.

Look at this circuit that I found: http://www.electronoobs.com/images/Arduino/tut_22/schematic_arduino_nano.png

I will upload a video on brushed drone with arduino these months. Keep up!
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Thank you for responding, my primary confusion was the chareteistic of of rc pwm out it has a constant width of 1k to 2k ms ! And in order to change the rpm and the torque of concerned motor it is necessary to modify frequency and amplitude respectively..... So i asked that...i donot have a oscilloscope so i cant analyse the wave form ...are the waveform of rc pwm and the flight controller are different !! Then how it drives the esc?