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hi! i am basically the beginner so i have no knowledge of electrical engineering. I want to build an e scooter. I watched the tutorial, but since i weight 65kg, i guess i can buy batteries with lower capacity. But i dont know which motor and battery i should buy. This might sound funny but i dont know why the voltage of the motor and the battery arent the same(the link that electronoobs shared on youtube). The motor has two voltage; 24v and 36v, but the battery has 14.8v. I dont get this one.

My goal is to build an e scooter that can go with max 30km/h, and hopefully travel around 20km when fully charged.

since im a student, i want to save money as much as possible. Any knowledge you can share will be helpful for me. Thank you!
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The motor has two voltage: 24v and 36v. That means that the motor could handle up to 36 volts and on that sheet, you have the specifications for that voltage. The KV of the motor will give you rotatios per each volt per minute. So if the motor has 480KV and you apply for example 10V, you will have a maximum speed of 4800 rot per minute.  I only had 14.8V batteries so that's why I've used that voltage. You could use any other voltage up to 36V but I recommand you to stay below that 36 in order to keep it all safe.

As for battery capacity, the more you have, more time you could ride the scooter. 

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