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Hi to all, you do a great job.

I have the following question.

I did an upgrade to my Tronxy's X5 Z axis.

Its very stable now. Soon i will put it on thingiverse.

But i am wondering of something more.

Tronxy X5S have 2 motors for Z axis. 

X5 have 1.

But at mainboard of X5, there is an empty slot, right under to "Z-axis motor A".

So i am wondering, why X motor and Y motor but Z - motor A.

What is this plug? Is it a plug to take the Z-motor B -in the future and future was X5S-?

Can you check please, if the specifications of the mainboard and the power supply, support an upgrade like this?

If this is practicability, i will do it and when i do it, i am thinking of increasing the bed of 21x21.

What do you thing?

Thanks in front


X5 mainboard

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2 Answers

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I have the X5S and the second plug is for the 2nd motor for the Z axis.

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Thanks Steve
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The board is nothing special for this type of printer. It can be used for prusa-style printers also. There it is totaly common to use two stepper motors for z-axis. As the two motors are the same type they use the same current - so the motors are connected in parallel, the stepper driver is set up for double current. The second conector is simply parellel to the first one.

Of course you will get much problems if you use 2 z-motors with different specs (current and/or voltage). So if using the second z-port always use a stepper eqal to the first one. If you are uncertain how to get a fitting one, change both z-axis motors to the same type. It may work with two slightly different motors - but there is a good chance to fry the board. I would not take the risk.
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