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I'm trying to recreate a circuit that I've create on the breadboard, but I'm having trouble while routing it.

The circuit is a L293DNE and these connections:

- 2 female pins to connect the first motor

- 2 female pins to connect the second motor

- 6 female pins to send data from Arduino

- 2 female pins to connect 5v and GND from Arduino

- 2 female pins to connect batteries (Vcc and GND)

How can I find the width of the traces? I already tried one but they burnt immediately.
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1 Answer

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Hi there, nicol.dev
It would be very much appreciated if you could upload a schematic and some more operation info like motor voltage, motor stall current, etc.
Anyway, there are some PCB trace width calculators available online and you just need to enter the operation frequency of the driver, expected current and voltage.

Good luck!
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