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At the entrance I have to admit that it's a great job with this soldering iron!
Small, shapely, cheap to build:]
Only the LiPo voltage sensor and the buzzer are missing (turned off in the menu, not removed from the plate).

I have a 2 problem with the soldering iron:

1. The temperature reading is too low, on the OLED shows 200 ℃ and after transferring the tip to a tested soldering iron (v3) it shows 500 ℃ +.

2.  OLED works slower than it should (start logo moves with lags, temp changes very slowly)

I have made 3 devices but unfortunately only 1 works properly (about 20 ℃ difference between the external sensor and the measurement on the soldering iron).

All components are the same (I have 20 sets of all components).

The connection between the tip and the PCB is good, I especially added some solder at the connection points.

24v 5a power supply.

I have not tested OPAMP in all but I think that there are small probabilities of 2 damaged components underneath.

Grottos from Ali, but if the temperature reading is okay on the soldering iron, it's probably not the main tip.

Any idea what could be caused by this?

Regards and I am waiting for help:]

I checked OPAMP in the serial port monitor and the temperature is lower by about 180℃. OPAMP for exchange?

(for the rest who has no knowledge about checking in serial monitoring:
Examples> Basics> Analog read serial
We check the pin (int sensorValue = analogRead (A0);), we load on arduino, open the serial port monitor, check what Ardu sends us.)
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1 Answer

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Well, if tempeture read is bad, it might be the OPAMP. Maybe a bad connection with the amplifing resistors or the capacitor at the OPAMP. Maybe the OPAMP got bad while soldering or maybe the ATmega328 chip has errors since you say there is lag with the OLED. Without testing I can't say what is the problem...
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It looks like I have to buy an oscilloscope;]

Only tell me if overheating Atmega chip can cause such symptoms?