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Well, i receive the final parts to finish the assembly of the soldering iron v3, i adapted my 20v power source (AC 20v, 2A power supply) to use it with a type B USB cable and the first thing i noticed is the oled screen freezes, resets and even shows garbage :S

This only happens when i connect the board directly to my 20v power source, BTW the soldered buck converter is limitted to 5v in the output side of the board (checked with my multimeter)

Connecting the board to 5v power source works fine, i can navigate fine on the menus and even set up the options but off course with 5v i cannot make it work fast for soldering :S

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance Electronoobs!
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Hi. maybe your power supply has a lot of noise and voltage peaks. Maybe 2A is not enough. Maybe you need to add a capacitor at the input to smooth the voltage even more. Or maybe the DTR capacitor is not well connected and it resets the board all the time. I hope you will be able to solve this. Keep up!
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Hey, i receive some new caps and replaced C2 but no luck, i noticed even if i connect to solder to 5v (PC usb),  soon as i connect a t12 tip, the display resets :S

I dont know what else to check.
check all components wich multimeter ond short detect ,

Check all soldering pads for week conect :]
Hey i got a capacimeter lately and even check all the caps but still cant find anything out of range, the only thing i can check now if to use a more powerful input (24v 5A) and check what happens.

I already support your kickstarter so when i receive the kit i would be have the possibility to compare whats wrong