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I am doing a project using ESC circuit that is run using arduino uno. I am using this circuit to run a small 12v compressor, the expected flow rate to be obtained is 11 litres/min,but i am able to obtain only 7.5 l/m at the maximum speed of the compressor. So should i increase the voltage to the compressor or the speed of the compressor can be increased by the code itself? 
the link form where i have referred this circuit and code is given below,please have look at it and help me if should make changes in code?.if yes then please help me with the changes in code too.


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A brushless motor speed is given by code but also by voltage. That "KV" label on the motor will tell you the thousands of rotations prer minute per each volt. Example: a 2200KV motor will make 2200RPM if supplied at 1V and 22000RPM at 10V and so on...

Also, the code will give you the maximum switching time. You could lower that time so you get higher speed but taht could fail since the motor could desynchronize,

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