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I can not get Benbox to load on my laptop. - Electronoobs Q&A

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We need more information.. What errors do you get? Why not? Etc...
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I have an Dell Insipiron 5565 / Processor AMD A9-9400 / Radeon R5, 5 compute cores / 2C+3G 2.4 GHz / Ram 8 GB / 64 Bit operation system, x64 Based Processor / Windows 10 ver. 1809 / OS build 17763.292 / Microsoft edge / McAfee Anti-virus 

Here are a few of the error messages that I have been getting:

1, Restart to remove a virus - Virus found: JTI suspect. 196612!24195e0a9bbb

Location: D:\program files\Benbox\Benbox.exe

2, Install the USB driver - No items match your search

3, There was a problem with the preview - Retrying