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Hello my friend, at first i want to thank you for your work, i learn much from your videos , posts and etc. i have made soldering iron v3 , everything is fine , at firs i had lroblem with programming, when i atacched 5 main fomponents and tryed programming with FTDi , it was everything fine , but when i finished assambling , when i connected module it was turning off from conputer, but i guessed it was problem with buck comverter, i had to program it until i connected buck converter , i did so and everything worked fine, i programmed it , turnd it on , numbers on screen began encrasing but after a moment it sayes TIP ERRoR, Tip is getting hot but not very, and after Tip error it stops heating. What maybe wrong with me ? Please help. Thank you in advance. 

P.s. i mensioned now that tip is starting heating even untill i push start button, maybe this will help you to hnderstand problem. 

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Ok. First of all, are you uisng this code version for the PMOSFET: https://www.electronoobs.com/eng_arduino_tut49_code1.php

Then, is the tip properly touching the metal clips? Usually when the tip is not connected the temperature will increase up to 700ºC and you get tip error.

How do you power the tip? Don't connect the T12 tip with 5V from the FTDI, always connect main input when the T12 tip is connected since it requies much more power.

Also, the OPAMP is amplifiing ok? You should run another code and print the analog read from the OPAMP to serial monitor and see if you have a good signal of the temperature.

Also, could that be a different type of T12 tip? IDK, maybe the internal resistance+thermocouple be different...

I really hope this will help you. Any other question, just post, I'll try to answer fast...
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Thank you for response,
1.yes im using code 3.3Pmos
2. Yes tip is connected good, ihabe checked woth multimeter connection.
3. I dont know how can i check opamp , what code to use to check it from serial monitor i dknt know.
4.i think its usual t12 tip. Here are pictures of it too.

Vwhen i connect usb , it starts getting hot imediatly, without pushing start button, i think problem is coming from this.
PLease give me edvice, direction or something :(( help me :( im trying to make it for weeks
You would need an oscilloscope. If you don't start it and already getting hot, that means that the MOSFET ia activated. As you can see, at the MOSFET gate there is a small BJT transistor that will activate the gate. Check if the gate is activated without starting the iron. To check the OPAMP output just run a simple code that will print on the serial monitor the analogRead() on the OPAM input which I think was A0 right? Heat manually the iron tip and see the analog read.
I am getting the same tip error but mine don’t get hot at all and when I start it it goes up fast to error but it’s got a good connection  I did the readanalog on a0 and it’s say 700 to 694 over and over but I don’t no what you mean to hear manually can you make a firmware with the serial read in it cause I tried and it wouldn’t upload

At the entrance I have to admit that it's a great job with this soldering iron!

Small, shapely, cheap to build:]

Only the LiPo voltage sensor and the buzzer are missing (turned off in the menu, not removed from the plate).

I have a similar problem with the soldering iron, exactly the temperature reading is too low, on the OLED shows 200 ℃ and after transferring the tip to a tested soldering iron (v3) it shows 500 ℃ +.

I have made 3 devices but unfortunately only 1 works properly (about 20 ℃ difference between the external sensor and the measurement on the soldering iron).

All components are the same (I have 20 sets of all components).

The connection between the tip and the PCB is good, I especially added some solder at the connection points.

24v 5a power supply.

I have not tested OPAMP in all but I think that there are small probabilities of 2 damaged components underneath.

Grottos from Ali, but if the temperature reading is okay on the soldering iron, it's probably not the main tip.

Any idea what could be caused by this?

Regards and I am waiting for help:]

I checked OPAMP in the serial port monitor and the temperature is lower by about 180℃. OPAMP for exchange?
I also noticed that OLED works slower than it should (start logo moves with lags, temp changes very slowly)

(for the rest who has no knowledge about checking in serial monitoring:

Examples> Basics> Analog read serial

We check the pin (int sensorValue = analogRead (A0);), we load on arduino, open the serial port monitor, check what Ardu sends us.)