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I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I've copied the test code and have uploaded it to my Arduino Nano's - but the value on the serial monitor only updates if I reset one of the Nano's - then it updates and only sends/receives that value until I reset one of them again.

I'm using the NRF24L01+ if that would make a difference.
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Maybe the 3.3V regulator is not powerfull enough.


1. use external 3.3V regulator not the one from the Arduino.

2. Wind GND around MOSI and MISO wire sto remove noise (this is important). Also try usiong short wires for the SPI communications since those can get a lot of noise.

3. Add a 10uF capacitor between GND and 3.3V pins of the NRF24.

4. Solder a thin wire to the PCB antenna of the NRF24 (12cm aprox).

Hope this will help
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