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Arduino Nano With multiwii not flying - Electronoobs Q&A

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so I am using an Arduino Nano with Mulitiwii code from Google code Archive for my Arduino drone as you have said in the instructions. My receiver is a PWM receiver. I have connected all the ports to the correct pins as specified and the motors are arming, but the drone is not taking off. Everything else is working, as I tilt the gyroscope, the motors change pitch but even if I put the transmitter at full throttle, it doesn't take off. I thought my batteries were low but I charged them but still the same problem is happening.

I am using some unbranded 30A ESC with A2212 1000KV motors. the link where I bought it from.

What troubleshooting should I do for this?

Also would like to know if I can use Arduino Mega for this project? Will it give a better more stable drone? How should I use the Arduino Mega for this Arduino drone?

Thank you, waiting for your reply.
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Do you arm the motors and they start to spin at low speed and when you increasae throttle they won't increase the speed or the motors won't spin at all?
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When I arm the motors, they spin and as I increase the throttle, the motors increase in RPM but the drone does not take off.