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Flax and flaxseed oil are just as  The Memory Hack Review good as fish oils, because they contain a high amount of the parent of omega-3 fatty acids, ALA.  Since heating flaxseed oil will destroy its omega-3 content, it has to be taken orally. Nutritionists recommend one tablespoon daily, followed by a glass of all-natural fruit juice.  Remember to refrigerate the flaxseed oil; the slightest heat will cause the fatty acids to oxidize.  Unlike flaxseed oil, flax can be included in cooked meals without damaging its omega-3 fatty acid content.  Use mill flaxseed instead of flour when making muffins and breads, or add to smoothies and salad dressings.

A caveat: the ALA in flax is unrefined omega-3, meaning the body will have to metabolize ALA before it becomes the useful DHA and EPA variety.  Children with a certain metabolic disorder are unable to do this.  If your child has this problem, use fish oil supplements instead. Eliminate vegetable oils, omega-6 fatty acids, and trans-fats Trans-fats are low-cholesterol man-made fats made of hydrogenated oils; they are usually included in processed foods.  The low cholesterol content makes trans-fats seem healthy, but trans-fats are chock-full of omega-6 fatty acids, which impede the body's ability to metabolize omega-3 fats.  

Vegetable oils like corn oil, sunflower oil, and soybean oil are also high in omega-6.  Inspect the ingredients label of all foods you put in the grocery cart, and make sure they do not contain vegetable oils. Canola oil Instead of using vegetable oil for cooking, switch to canola oil instead.  Canola oil has 10% ALA that stays intact even when heated to low temperatures.  Use canola oil for cooking or as a substitute for butter and margarine.  When not in use, store the canola oil in the refrigerator to keep the omega-3 from oxidizing.


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