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Bandai Namco Home entertainment just revealed that it is releasing yet one more Sword Art Online mobile game. This will be releasing around the world on both the App Shop as well as Google Play and is called Sword Art Online: Integral Variable. IT takes place in the year 2022 when Akihiko Kayaba has actually created a complete dive VRMMORPG entitled Sword Art Online. Once logged into, you can not log out up until you complete the video game and a video game over methods passing away in the real world. You play as a previous beta tester for the VRMMORPG that is entraped inside now. If you're ready to find more regarding SAOMD Memory Diamonds check out our own page. Watch the statement trailer for it listed below:

This is releasing worldwide in English in addition to more languages as well as you can pre-register for it currently. The game will certainly be free to play as expected. Pre-registrations allow you select a specific OS per e-mail or account. You can pre-register with a Facebook, Twitter, or email address for the iphone or SAOMD Memory Diamonds Android version of Sword Art Online: Integral Factor.

Pre-registrations internet all gamers 2500 Arcana Treasures. This is the in video game currency. You will certainly likewise get 2 in video game stickers, a 4 Star Asuna Ability Record, as well as 2 initial avatars. Pre-register for it here. The Ability Records are items that can be established on the lead character for personalization. I had presumed there would certainly be a Sword Art Online mobile video game to coincide with the release of the console video game Sword Art Online: Deadly Bullet that releases in the following few days however it resembles Integral Aspect will certainly take a bit more time to release.
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