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I have followed your tutorial (http://www.electronoobs.com/eng_robotica_tut6.php) to stabilize one axis of a quadcopter. I built a test stand like you did. Overall everything works fine but for some reason the MPU seams to return values around 0 whenever it vibrates. So, if I hold the MPU in my hand and imitate the movements of the wooden stick everything is fine. But whenever I mount the MPU directly to the board I starts to return only 0 (This seems to have something to the vibrations of the motors, as it does not happen when the motors are off.). Does anyone have experience which such a problem? Does someone know a solution?



PS: Thank you for the awesome tutorials @electronoobs. :)

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1 Answer

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There might be interference from the motors magnetic field or also vibrations. Try using short wires or the MPU soldered to a PCB in order to decrease noise. Keep up!
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