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hi there...

At first i want to thank you for all the knowledge that you share with us .. and your useful youtube channel   ..

my question is about the code of "Homemade portable soldering iron" that i take from this video comments section :    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNTs9bqowc0

I found a problem in encoder code ,you mentioned :


int PWM_pin = 5;  //Pin for PWM signal to the MOSFET driver (the BJT npn with pullup)

int clk = 12;      //Pin 1 from rotary encoder

//int data = ِA2;     //Pin 2 from rotary encoder





these pins as i understand is for the encoder but its not work for me also i found the click pin is D4 !?

i tryed to change it but not get it to work !!!

is there any thing that i need to change or check ? libraries for example ??

# i put resisters as the schematic

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That is wrong! This is not the code for the portable soldering iron! This is the code: https://www.electronoobs.com/eng_arduino_tut32_code1.php You've downloaded the wrong code. The portable soldering iron dose not have an encoder, only 2 push buttons! Keep up!
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dear ..

thanks for every things...

still the same problem ...can not get the pins to work as i want even if i change it in the code!!

do i should use the same pins that you choose ?!!

also the code have some small bugs you can check it by your self...

thanks again.....