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Hi, I have a laser engraver and the laser is a blue 500mw one I had good results until one day the image was normal but then faded to nothing now there is no burn from the laser but the beam is bright and focused. I tested the voltage from the main board to laser and when selecting low power on benbox it registered at 12v however when I select full power it drops by approx 1v is this correct is my laser or board faulty.

Thank you.
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It might be that.... You should run more tests. Check if the mosfet on the board is working, if tou receive PWM signal to control the power. Also, the laser is as bright as at the beginning?
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Thanks for you time and reply,

The laser is as bright as it was when new I have noticed a line when focusing the beam, it's like there is a mirror or prism that has moved, as I have no laser knowledge I don't know if they have them but I didn't notice this from purchase. The laser has not been dropped.
If the laser still works, well, yeah.. It might bea  lens problem... I can't know sorry...