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I have built the radio transmitter and receiver based on this tutorial: http://www.electronoobs.com/eng_robotica_tut5_2.php

When I uploaded test code for the receiver I saw these values in serial monitor:

Throttle: 0 Yaw: 127 Pitch:127 Roll:127

When I turned on the transmitter, the values changed to:

Throttle: 255 Yaw: 255 Pitch: 255 Roll: 255

and moving joysticks doesn't change anything, so I thought that something is wrong with the transmitter, and added part of the code, to check the values before sending. After that I still get the same values and joysticks seem to do nothing.

Checked if the joysticks have power.

Anyone knows where the problem can be, or had similar one?
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Nvm, turned out that joysticks didnt have power...
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