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FYI I asked this same question in TouTube before I found this page!

Electronoobs this is AWESOME!! Thanks for putting this up and it's exactly what I am looking for to make a homemade candy maker and keep the candy at temp to increase my working time by keeping the candy hot in a hopper.

One question is I am in the US and 120VAC. I think this will work if I understand because the photocoupler should find the zero cross point no matter the AC voltage. The one thing I know I would have to change is 'maximum_firing_delay' to my electric. Is that correct? If not what would you change for 120VAC? The BTA16 TRIAC maybe?

Thanks much!!!

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1 Answer

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No, it should work the same with 110V AC
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Thanks much! Still learning about this and glad to hear that my understanding was correct! I really appreciate it and your work on really great videos!