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First of all thank you for great inspiration for own ESC controller.

It's works:


My engine stuck with your parameters 1-1000 microseconds but nice working with 500-2000


It takes 10A at start and 5-6 during turning without load.

MOSFETS are hot all except "first one". I mean A1(first high bridge).

How you can explain it ? Why 1st one is cold other is hot but with different temperature 50-80 degrees ?

Also, your second code with definition of virtual zero point:

int emA = analogRead(emfA);

      int emB = analogRead(emfB);

      int emC = analogRead(emfC);

      int sum = (emA+emB+emC)/3;

doesnt run motor at all. I mean there is only 0.1A no sound, no rotation... nothing. Like ESC don't even try to run motor.

Any ideas ?
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I can't really tell why without looking at the signals. As for the back EMF, you made sure the inputs for the analog pins are correct for emfA, emfB and emfC ? Keep up!
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Oh, I have no oscillograph to look at signal diagram. Tested on 3 LEDs instead of BLDC - they are lights well and same brightness :)))(with ~0.5 sec between switches)

Os for  emfA, emfB and emfC I've tested with multimeter and lines are Ok. But I'll try to read information via USB from Arduino in real time.