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If i use atx power supply's     +12 with - 12 v to achieve 24 v along with a buck converter to make a  crude power supply will it affect the op amp voltage ref. For rails if high amp load is attached?? I know my amp draw will be limited as -12 v rail cant supply much current though i want to use...so i want to know is it safe to use because i dont want to modify internal electronics as the opamp feed also change the 5 v to 10 v As i want  to use 5v 3.3 v rails also...

Thanks in advance
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Why use the -12V rail. If you wnt 24V jsut connect the boost converter to the 12V output which mush have a decent current output yes?
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Hi , thankyou for replying, it wasnt known  to me that  modular boost converters are capable of such high stepping up in voltage as  the higher range stated as 32 v max in vs 35 v max out .and also no graph of efficiency was provided by sellers  ,  though the power rating was provided i really did not believe now i will try for that one.