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Hello everyone,

I'm building the arduino transmitter and receiver but I have the following problem.

When I build the test setup with 2 basic NRF24 modules (without antenna) it works perfectly!

But when I test it with the bigger NRF24L01 module (with antenna) I have a verry bad connection. When I move the transmitter a bit or when I touch the cables the connection is gone.

All the NRF24 modules are powered by an AMS1117 3.3V regulator connected to the VIN pin of the arduino board which is connected to a 7.5V battery pack.

Thanks in advance,

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I had similar problems. this is what I've done:

-Use a better converter for 3.3V. I've used this small buck converters and set the voltage to 3.4, not 3.3: https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Pack-MP1584EN-ultra-Small-DC-DC-3A-power-Step-Down-Adjustable-Module-Buck-M2H3/122923215542?epid=22008815033&hash=item1c9ecb6ab6%3Ag%3Ac4QAAOSwmNxaYnp5&_sacat=0&_nkw=small+buck&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313

- Solder a 10cm thin wire to the PCB antenna of the small NRF24

- Place a 10uF capacitro at the input of the NRF24, beterrn GND and 3.3 pins.
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Oke thanks! I have ordered the MP1584EN modules. Right now it's working great with the big capacitor, but when the MP1584EN module arrives I will replace the AMS1117's to see if this makes a difference. I will post an update when I have the results.

One more question. The MP1584EN module will transform down the voltage but I'm using a 2s Lipo battery to power the transmitter which means my input voltage will drop from 8.5V (full battery) to 7.4V (empty battery). Does this mean the output voltage of the MP1584EN module will also drop? If it does, can I just connect the battery to an ams1117 5V regulator and use this to power the MP1584EN module? Or is this just as bad as using the ams1117 3.3V regulator?

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I have found the problem. I have replaced the 100uF capacitor with an old 35v 330uF capacitor which I just found laying around and so far my connection problems are gone. Because it's an old capacitor I want to buy some new ones for this project. Does this means now I need to buy 330uF capacitors or can I also go higher like 500uF or 1000uF because higher seems better right now? laugh

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