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doesn't look like too many people answering  questions on here and if your not gonna help then why should I even bother subbing to you and building your projects when I can get what I need elsewhere i like what you do I think your a really smart guy with good ideas but when you post something and offer no help then why should I bother  with you I built your RFID reader and all I wanna know is how do I get more movement out of the servo feeling  like ill take your case remove your brand and use someone else's ideas for inside of the case i really like your vids and wait to see what your gonna build next but not that in love with you to un sub
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Hi. Sorry for disappointment. I don’t always know the answer or have time. Besides, your wasn’t a question. Was a request for a new code that would adapt your RFID project. I’m sorry I can’t do that at the moment. I have too much work. If you have specific questions I might help.

Keep up,


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