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Greetings electronoobs and other viewers.

I want to ask you, since it can be a fatal miss for diy esc people outside.

on the video at 14:52, you said "in our case, we activate the N-channel mosfet (which is the Z44N) with digital write low"

but the video you show, and in the program you shared, you use high signal to activate the low side (N-Channel) Mosfet.

So, is it a miss spelling or how?

Thankyou for your time, I hope you see this cause it can make a false conception on the viewer.

If I'm wrong or missing your point, I'm sorry.

Best Regards,

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No!! The idea goes like this. You activate the MOSFET with a LOW but since you have a BJT transistor at it's gate as a driver, the LOW or HIGH would be inverted. So, whenever is LOW for the MOSFET you write HIGH and viceversa. If you will not use a BJT as driver jsut use directly low for low and high for high.
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Good Afternoon

Hello Electronoob,

I'm really sorry for my late replay.

Ahhh I'm really soorry for my misunderstanding! I'm really thankyou for the explanation and now i get it clearly! Thankyou for all the hardwork you did there. It make me understand more and more about BLDC Motor. Thankyou for sharing and teach us!

Best Regards,