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i can not speak english good (sory)

If you can speak Persian, it is very good.

at pid temperature controll ، What kind of triac should be used for?

By changing the circuit ؛ Need to change the code?
Do we need SSR reley?
my heater is 1000w ، and works with 220v ac.

plz your answers send to my gmail or ID telegram:

(@adel_1) or https://t.me/a_del1


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2 Answers

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Use these two videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYUcXIhxL1I&t=23s


What you ahev tio do, is to read te AC signal and control the firing mode, and aply the PWM to the TRIAC. I'm working on a video about this but I'm not sure when I'll post it! Keep up! Be careful with 220V!!!!!!
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Am not giving an answer,would like you to share the answer you were given
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