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I'm trying to implement this project 

DIY Radio Controller - Arduino & NRF24 + amplified antennahttps

and im using the NRF24L01+PA+LNA SMA Antenna Wireless Transceiver communication module 2.4G 1100m with adapter

but I don't get the accuracy I see in the video as there is connection interruptions happens when I did a test project

value on screen monitor sometimes stay and not changing 

is there any suggestions to enhance the connection? 

I really appreciate your support 

Best Regards

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Connection error is sometimes created by long wires used between the Arduino and NRF24 module. SPI works at a fast rate so use short wires and also wind GND around the MISO and MOSI wires. Also, add a 10uF cap between 3.3 and GND.

ALSO, VERY important. Don't use the 3.3V from Arduino. It can't deliver too much current. Use external voltage regulator. Keep up!
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Will try , thanks a lot for your answer


but in the test you connect the nrf by 3.3v of arduino and you get desired results...
in my case i get the changes only when i connect both reciver and transmitter to same computer,and that too the values changes very if it does not change because of me...