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Motors are arming but not rotating,throttle,yaw,pitch,roll all displaying correctly in multiwii - Electronoobs Q&A

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I have followed the transmitter, receiver (ppm) and flight controller as per your tutorials with Arduino nano, NRF24L01 and upto the point of testing the final stage with multiwii, it is working...The throttle, yaw, pitch,roll,aux1 and aux2 values are being set in the multiwii when I send them thru the transmitter. The motors when connected to battery (4S) are arming (beep sound)  but not rotating..Independently all motors and esc have been tested and calibrated to 1000 (min) and 2000(max) and the same values are showing in the multiwii on using throttle, yaw, pitch, roll, aux1 and aux2. The BEC of each ESC (yellow - signal, brown - ground) are being connected thru headers to D3, D10,D11,D12.
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With the USB connected, puttiing yaw to maximum and throttle to minimum for 3 seconds, the green ARM lable should apear. Dose the green ARM label apear?
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Thanks for the guidance. The motors are now running. Need to understand what should the values of all four motors for a quadcopter at start and move to a stable hover position.