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I'm gonna build a drone and I saw Ur transmitter and receiver should I use ppm or pwm - Electronoobs Q&A

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2 Answers

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The transmitter should send squarewave signals between 1000 snd 2000 mS at 250 Hz. So PWM.
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Do you have any knowledge about those protocols? If not plz visit youtube there are a lot of content, eletronoob has also covered this topic. Then it will be better to judge for you.

Ppm and pwm are not much different control signal protocols the fist attention drawing  part  is  ppm is less clumsy as it has only 3 wires Signal Power and Ground

And it can handle multiple channels according to the maker

But for pwm each channel   requires individual signal cables if the Power and Ground are common.

So it will be better to stick to ppm , also the drone you are building will easily process it as its based on multiwii

But beware the motors dont process ppm ..dont wary the flight controll will convert ppm to pwm for motors.
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Should I make changes in the flight controller code.and ppm or pwm.i don't have much knowledge about this.
The choice is yours. PPm is just one cable. PWM is one cable for each cahannel.