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any one help me how to makeall in one pocket measuring like temp,huminity,light,pressure,etc.. - Electronoobs Q&A

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You have to specify what are your required criterias are .

Anyway for temp and humidity use DHT 11/22 module 22 is more accurate

For light intensity you will need a simple LDR but you have to figure out an algorithm to convert the voltage drop into lumen or candela units according to your needs, for high accuracy you may use another resistance  with ldr to make a voltage divider and use a op amp to boost that voltage drop created to read with a micro controller but you will need a lab grade light meter to calibrate your one first.

You can use any single pressure measurement (atmospheric pressure) sensor just search at aliexpress or you can have a 8 in one accelerometer , gyro , compass , pressure sensor module

It isnt clear from you question that if you want to measure mechanical pressure or atmospheric pressure

For mechanical pressure measurement you will  need a load cell which is a aluminum bar of fitted with a special resistance which gets distorted when pressure is applied to the bar  and provide values accordingly which can also be measured with a microcontroller.
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